The EcoSD network

EcoSD Network is a French association which main objective is to encourage collaboration between academic and industrial researchers in order to create and spread advanced knowledge in the eco-design fields. This initiative ambitiones to help a global sustainable development process on national and international levels.


The main goal of EcoSD Network is to help sharing knowledge between academic and industrial researchers. 

The French Environmental Agency stands for this gathering initiative which hopes to encourage all aspects of eco-design research. 

Its objectives are:

  • Developing knowledge among researchers regarding the field of eco-design, particularly a better training of doctors by organizing four doctoral training courses in different themes of eco-design.
  • Helping the flow of information between researchers and industrial partners thanks to an online work platform and the organization of research seminars. The management of collaborative research projects involving several members of the network is its main objective.
  • The creation of an EcoSD label aiming to develop the quality and the involvement of trainings, research programs, research projects and symposiums in terms of sustainable development
  • The development of new methods, new tools and new data bases which are not complete enough today to achieve complexes systems design compatible with the sustainable development principles.
  • better structuring of EcoSD research activities in France based on a specialisation of the various members of this researchers network.