EcoSD Scientific Meetings

Research seminars

Since 2008, seminars dedicated to systems eco-design for sustainable development are organised. The EcoSD Network wants to carry on sharing knowledge within the researchers' community organising scientific meetings several times a year.  

The next EcoSD seminar will occur on March the 28th. Its program is available here :

 See the previous programs 



EcoSD Annual Thematic Workshop

The EcoSD ATW is a scientific meeting which goal is to share knowledge and to encourage information transfer between industrial and academic researchers on a specific problem. Organised for EcoSD members as for other researchers outside the network, it allows national and international experts to meet each other and gather around round-tables devoted to their specific research field.

ATA EcoSD 2016 on  Eco-Usages.

ATA EcoSD 2014 on Functionality. See ATW documents

ATA EcoSD 2015 on l'Eco-Innovation.